You won't believe what you can do with your leftover Mason Jars!

1. DIY Oil Lamp: It’s surprisingly easy to create your own nostalgic oil lamp, and a blue mason jar makes a very picturesque base. (via Raised in Cotton)

2. Hanging Pendant Lights: These cool pendant lights are fairly simple to make and add a homespun charm to any space. (via Woon Blog)

3. Blue Glass Lamp: Of course, you can also replace any old lamp base with a jar. (via Melissa’s Greetings)

4. Garden Jar Chandelier: Come on, how could we exclude mini mason jars from this scene? (via Michelle Kaufman)

5. Monogram Marquee: What could be more Pinterest-worthy than a vintage style marquee made of mason jars?! (via Oleander + Palm)

6. Solar-Powered Lights: We aren’t entirely sure how these work, but we really like the patterned results. (via Used and Abused on Etsy)


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